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  Before exporting scrap materials to Chinese Mainland,the oversea company must register AQSIQ in china,our company can help the oversea company obtain the certification.

   We fast professional agent at the AQSIQ certificate of imported waste materials up service, 100% success rate; provide AQSIQ certificate of registration of imported waste materials and by item, change, extension services.

submit the following written materials:

1. ゞApplication Form for Provisional Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials〃;
2. All the AQSIQ applying companies need hand in the company business and tax registration documents, and the documents need to be notarized by local notarial office;
3. Organizational structure, responsibilities of departments and job positions
4. The plan of fixed office and processing locations need to be marked with dimension; Photos of office and processing location (company name need to be shown on the photos);
5. The colored copy of ISO9001 certificate or RIOS system certificate.


specific circumstances ,pls Asked to Mr Zhao.


  1. AQSIQ license application
  2. Renewal Aqsiq
  3. Increase class Aqsiq
  4. Change Aqsiq
  5. Foreign suppliers currently approved aqsiq registered a total of 2563 full list
  6. The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide
  7. designated ccic three companies pre-shipment inspection of imported waste materials
  8. Aqsiq related to China's national laws and regulations, standards
  9. Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign suppliers Implementing Rules for registration
  10. Imported solid wastes as raw materials inspection supervision and management measures
  11. Regulate overseas supplier enterprises of imported waste materials to apply pre-shipment notice
  12. CCIC inspection agency business and regional contact
  13. Renewing the Expired ^Certificate of Registration for Oversea Suppliers of Waste Materials Imports
  14. CCIC Pre-shipment inspection of imported waste materials business rules
  15. CCIC waste materials outside the company's pre-shipment inspection agencies in contact CCIC
  16. Aqsiq,Aqsiq Application Registration,Aqsiq Certificate,Aqsiq License,Aqsiq Certification


AQSIQ certificate request, the new file



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